I documented putting this site together. I go back to it at times to look at a few things because I do want to set things up with Let’s Encrypt again and I don’t remember it all.

I also found out that over the past couple of weeks my domain would go away. I use CloudFlare for DNS and would check what was going on. It always gave this .dev domain a different IP then https://youat.dev which is weird because they are running on the same server, behind the same IP.

I would run my ddclient script and it would tell me things were set properly and was being skipped.

Then I would go to CloudFlare and see that the IP for themonkeyplayground.dev was set different than youat.dev The IP looked familiar too, but I couldn’t put two and two together.

Why was one updating correctly and not the other?

I find in cases like this, it’s usually me, not the system. Yes, the system or automation is great to shake my fist at, but it’s how I use it that is what matters.

Do you remember testing the ddclient script on my always VPN’d box? Me neither, but I did write about it, because it bit me during testing.

Yup. I ran into the issue when I was running it on my VPN’d machine for testing. I knew it would bite me if I had to do it again, so I tried to save myself and maybe anyone who caught the post a bit of pain. Go me!

But, I did forget to kill it on my other machine so I am thinking I was having a whole bunch of competing updates to my DNS. One from the machine serving the web site and the other from where I tested it. I’ve disabled and removed the script from the machine that shouldn’t be doing the updating and all has been working as expected.

What did I learn? Automation works. Documentation saves ones butt and when troubleshooting – check the user first… even (especially) if that user is me.

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