Time for version 2… https://github.com/m0nkeyplay/TenableIO

The ch ch changes:

Some changes are big. There are now 3 main scripts and I have scrapped the need to download separately. This should allow for setting up the two switch based scripts easier as a cron job or scheduled task. This was first done when made I the interactive script. I moved it to the switch ones once I saw it worked well. Time helps make things better (I hope).

Some changes are small. Spelling, grammar, and consistency between scripts has been checked and updated.

Each file has a ReadMe in the docs/ folder. Below is a brief overview.


Search the scans by answering some questions. This one is good for one off reports. We all get them don’t we? Check it out.


Use the optional switches to download queue up and download what you need. This was originally ioSearchScansQueue3.py until the download was rolled into it. Check it out below.


So, you really want to download a lot of data and have the bandwidth and time to do it? This one is for you. It’s a modified search and download where you provide the scan and output type it will get the Critical, High, Medium and Scan Info data for you. I did not provide a walk through because it will just take a really long time.

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