One of the thing I like about Linux tools is many of them don’t try to be the kitchen sink. They do one thing and do it well.

Me, as a human I stink at multi-tasking. Many people say they can do it. Because my world revolves around me and I can’t, I don’t believe them.

Today I again proved to myself that I should do one thing at a time and focus on all the steps, otherwise we break production. Lucky for me, production was this web site, and not a production system at my job (we’ve all borked production at the job, right?).

It started simple enough – with an email.

Time to test that the job to update my certs is working. Follow directions for a dry run.

sudo certbot renew --dry-run

After a few errors, I remembered that some things need to be changed with CloudFlare.

I had to turn on Development Mode under Caching and my errors went away. CloudFlare is great. I just need to remember to read the documentation.

After that I thought it would be good to write a short blog post on it (a bit longer than above).

Logging into WordPress I see that an update is available.

The squirrel ran by and I decided to pick this up instead of writing about how I worked though the issues on updating my certificates.

I can’t run the auto update for this due to my server configuration (I’m not letting FTP through on my secret lair for the sever). That’s okay. I can read the instructions on how to do it manually.

To be fair, it does not say ‘backup your files’. But really, I’ve been doing this long enough that I should back up my files. Of course I didn’t back up my files.

I copied over the right files. I did what I was supposed to do (except backing up my files). I still got me a 500 Error when looking at the site.

What did I do wrong? Did I mess up permissions because I used FTP when I usually copy and mv over?

I checked the permissions, updated them and still a 500. I tried the tried and true – re-upload the files after deleting the wrong files. Still get me a 500.

Did I check the error logs? No. Why am I forgetting to do all these things I should normally do?

I check the error logs:

logs logs logs

What do I see here? An uncaught error:

Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function wp_recovery_mode()

Google being my friend with people asking about it 5 days ago, shows the best bet right now is to downgrade back to 5.1 and backup next time I am going to do my upgrade.

My friend Google

I shall wait for a not so nice day out to do that.

Ah, spring is here

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